[Blender 3D Tsunami Effect] Part 3: Extreme Waves & Mist.

This extreme waves & mist is the third part of our tsunami blender 3D tutorial series and probably the most exciting one. By only adding one modifier, we can change a simple mesh object to having a tsunami effect.

Let’s just start it, shall we?.

I’m gonna open my hills file that already have dry soil texture, and then add Mesh —> Plane. Active that plane and apply Ocean modifier. Tadaaaa, now we have a simple ocean wave, right?.

To have more details of the wave, set the Resolution = 12 or more.

Now, to the cool part which is make a tsunami effect. Change the scale = 3.5 and smallest = 0.1. Go head, be experiment. You’ll eventually know the function of each parameter.

To choose the shape of the waves, you can set the time parameter to 1.5 or play with random seed parameter.

Place your camera on the right position so you will have a fantastic and dramatic view. If you render the scene, the ocean wave is look like a milk, right?. But, don’t worry, we will fix it by adding a texture on next tutorial.

Mist Effect in Blender 2.78:

One of the trick to minimize the ” milk ” effect is to add mist sky setting. Click editor world, check paper sky, and make sure horizon color is white.

Select your camera and on its editor active Display: Mist. Can you see a orange line with white point in the end?.

1. An area between camera and nearest white point have no mist.
2. Start and depth point area have mist effect.

Back to editor world, set the start and depth point value like picture below:

If we try to render it, the mist will cover on the top of the hills. But, if you prefer the mist on the bottom of the hills, we can change height parameter on picture above to 2.

[Blender 3D Tsunami Effect] Part 3: Extreme Waves & Mist

So, what do you think about this post?. Hopefully it’s useful for some user and willing to share it with other people. On next tutorial, we will add wave texture and some environment background. So, don’t forget to come back, okay?.




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