[Blender 3d] Add a Cool Freestyle Sketch Effect.

Beside produce a realistic render image, blender 3d also can create a freestyle sketch effect like cartoon on your object. You can arrange the thickness of line, style, transformation, etc. The end result will surprise you, because it doesn’t look like a 3d object.


Open your simple blender 3d object. I have apple IIe below, and on render editor I check Edge box and active Freestyle with line thickness: absolute.

We can take this further by playing with its parameters. Click on render layers editor, and go head check one by one on edge type option until you get the line you like. If you see pic below, I only check silhouette, contour, crease.

Color & Transparency & Thickness:

If you want to change line’s color, transparency, and its thickness, you can go to freestyle line style parameter and choose color & alpha & thickness tab. Just go experience with all the option.


You can find some of cool effect with geometry parameter by adding its own modifier. On this object I apply sampling, polygonization, and spatial nose with setting like below:

If you think you need another line set where you want to apply a different line style, you can add another line by click on + sign on freestyle line set parameter. Repeat all the process I show above on your second line set. There are a lot of option and style to create a sketch look on your object. I don’t play much this time. I just want to show you the sketch feature on blender if you want to change your render style.

Freestyle Sketch Effect

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