Make Realistic Fruit Skin (Mango) in Blender 3D.

How’s your texture paint practice from our last blender 3d tutorial?. Tweet me a photo of it. If you already happy with your texture paint, that’s good, but if you want more realistic, the read this fruit skin posting till the end. Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to save as you uv image on your computer, so next time you open the file you don’t have to repaint the mango object, okay?.

When you click texture editor, you already see the uv image texture on the list. But, we will make another texture, so the skin looks more stand out.

Change the Type to Clouds with size = 0.05.

Also set the Geometry Normal value to 0.2.

Now, we make another texture with reference image. Make sure you have a green-ish image texture prepare first. And then name it bump spot. Because we only want the bump spot appear when we brush, uncheck its slot.

Open texture parameter, click on the image and the texture list will show up. Pick your bump spot texture.

Set the radius, strength, blend = overlay like mine below and go start painting.

A little bit effort time and here’s my result:

Fruit Skin

It looks better, right?. I kinda like it :).

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