Getting to Know Blender 2.77 User Interface.

Finally, a 3d tutorial has arrive to this blog, I myself is very exciting to share what I know about blender 3d. My first 3d software is Autocad, that is back in the university student days :). Just like many architecture student, we like to modeling in Autocad and render them on 3ds Max, right?. I wrote autocad & 3ds max tutorial on my tumblr blog. If anyone want to check the out, go head. But, a little warning, they are in old version. Like I said that was a long time ago :).

My 3d software adventure then continue to sketchup and finally here we are Blender 3D. I tried Blender before, but couldn’t get a hang of it because the confuse of its UI. Now, I’m back and regret why I gave up on Blender a long time ago. Anyway, here we are :).

Blender UI can be confusing, even for people who already familiar with 3d software. If you having difficult time, just keep going. It’s only a habit. I honestly think Blender is one of the best 3d software out there, it offer you so many benefit and tool to use in visual field. I’m still learning too, but I want to share what I know so far to people who might be struggle with it.

So, let’s get started with Blender UI!.


Blender UI Window

Tools shelf: You can find tools from different object type here. Use shortcut T if you want to display the shelf.

Info windows: All info about your object, scene, or render engine.

Outliner window: It’s like layer on Autocad. You can turn off object visibility, make them deselect, etc.

Editor window: A very important window. You will set material & texture object here, render option, modifier option, basically this window can give your object more “look”. It always appear every time you open blender file.

3d view window: It’s also call as viewport, where all your object creation display. You also can find menu 3d view below it where you can edit your object.

Timeline & Playback window: When you making an animation scene, you will work a lot with this window.

Note: Ooops, sorry I forgot to display the properties window on the pic above. Use shortcut N if you want to display it.


  1. You can resize each window by go to its border and you will see a double end arrow, just drag them.
  2. ¬†You also can change the font window. Just point your cursor on the window, and if you on desktop press minus ( – ) and plus ( + ) sign. If you on laptop don’t forget to press fn button too.

Theme and Color:

If you bored with the color of blender UI, you can change it completely of just some part of it.

  1. Click menu file —> User Preferences
  2. Click tab Themes, and on Presets drop menu you can choose different theme example: blender 24x, hexagon, Ubuntu Ambiance, etc. Don’t forget to click save user setting when you done.
Blender Theme & Color UI


Customize Theme:

Still on Theme tab UI, on left side you can see all the window option. If you want to change properties window, click on its tab, same apply to the rest of window. Just play with it, you will understand eventually. Look what I did below :).

Getting to Know Blender 2.77 User Interface
Blender Color Theme Apply

I think that’s all for the basic Blender 2.77 UI knowledge. Tell me, if you new or old 3d software user, do you find the UI is confusing the first time you use it?.

Next, I’m gonna post a short but hopefully helpful about the view and viewport. See you and thank you for reading!.


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