[Gimp] Toolbox: Color Picker, Measure, and Moving.

Beside selections tool, gimp toolbox section have feature that very useful for user. In this post, we will talk about color picker, measure, and moving. Before we get into the topic, please check out this 2 article about selection in gimp that I published before:

1. Rectangle, ellipse, free, and fuzzy selection.
2. Color, scissor, foreground, and path selection.

Gimp is a image editor. It will be easier for you to work if you can expert the selection tool. My advise is practice, practice, and practice.

Color Picker

Color Picker is honestly one of my favorite tool. I don’t like to use a lot of color in one project design, so color picker is quiet helpful.

Click on its icon and pick a point on your image. Pay attention to your Color Picker tool option, and choose one of the mode.

  • Pick Only: Will only pick the color. Don’t forget to check Use Info Window box for more information if you choose this option.
  • Set Foreground & Background Color.
  • Add to Palette: You can create a new palette based on colors your pick.

Color Picker, Measure, and Moving


With this tool you can measure the distance from 1 point to another point. See the measure result on the bottom panel or check the info window box. It’s available inches, millimeters, centimeters, etc.


From its name, I guess you already know what is this tool for, right?. However, when you working on moving tool, make sure you know what is active on its option box. Moving in gimp can be so confuse sometimes. Watch the video version. I explain more details in it. Hopefully it’s helpful for you.

If you still have question regarding this topic, leave comment below or on my youtube video comment section, and I try to answer as asap. Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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