Ice Cream Packaging Blender 3D UV Map Part 1.

After you know how to apply uv map on cube object, now it’s time to learn to use this technique on cylinder object. And for this practice I choose ice cream packaging. For non cube object we have to use Mark Seam technique, which is a cutouts area with object put in the same/flat level. We also will learn making a shadow background so it’s mix with background bitmap. It will be in part 2 of this tutorial series.

1. Cylinder Preparation.

Open your blender software, delete the cube object, and add cylinder object. Bring the tool shelf ( T ), and make the cylinder smooth.

To make edge more clear, add Edge Split modifier.

2. Unwrap with Mark Seam Technique.

Now, we will try apply ice cream packaging design to cylinder object. First, change your Screen Layout to UV Editing. Delete your lamp object on scene, so we’ll have a clear texture display.

Enter Edit Mode, active face method, and select the top face. Choose Shading/UVs tab and on Unwrap list click Mark Seam.

Do the same process with bottom face.

Next, active edge method then select one of the edge. Do the mark seam technique again.

Note: If you want the front part of the object display on viewport, you can active icon Limit Selection to Visible.

At this stage we already created 3 mark seam. Let’s see the result. Make sure the face method is active and press A to select it all. You’ll see the cylinder object in orange now. Click Unwrap so the ice cream packaging object can be UV Map like picture below:

Now export the UV Map layout to image editing software like photoshop or gimp. Click menu bar UVs —> Export UV Layout. Choose PNG bitmap format with high resolution ( 2000 x 2000 pixel ) and set the opacity to 0.5 or 50%. From this setting, we will have a semi transparent picture. Name the file uv can.png.

That’s it for ice cream packaging part 1 blender 3D tutorial. On next article, we will learn about how to fix a reverse mapping. Thank you for reading and make sure you subscribe so you won’t miss it. Cheers!.

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