Interlinked Chain Using Array Modifier in Blender 3D.

To create a spike chain weapon in blender is not that difficult. We can do that with array and curve modifier where the objects following a path. We also can create spikes on the ball object using parent and duplication face. I will try explain them in separated article. This article can be a continuity tutorial or a stand alone posting.

This first article I’m gonna show you how to create a interlinked chain using array modifier.

Create Torus Object in Blender 3D:

Create torus with Shift A —> Mesh —> Torus and set the dimension to x=2.5 y=2.5 z=0.5.

Also change the torus parameter like mine below. Tips from me guys, do not make transformation command (scale, rotate, grab) on the object before you change the value. The panel will disappear if you do that.

Enter edit mode and active vertex. Select (B) half of the torus and move it a little bit to the right.

Back to object mode and click on shading: smooth.

Before we apply array modifier, remove all the transformation history we make on this object with Ctrl + A —> Rotation & Scale.

Interlinked Chain Using Array Modifier:

Select chain object and apply array modifier with Fit Type: Fixed Count. The count value is 7 or whatever number you want.

Now we will try to make the chain have different rotation. Make sure your cursor still in the center like picture above. But, if you accidentally move it, you can change it with Shift + S —> Cursor to Center. Next create Empty —> Cube.

Active the chain, and on array modifier check object offset. Choose Empty.

Now to change the rotation, click on object editor and change rotation x: 90d.

To hook the chain to each other, you can just move the empty object to the left.

Curve Path in Blender 3D:

If we want to make our chain having a curve path, we can use path as helper object. To add it Shift + A —> Curve —> Path. Go to edit mode and set the vertex so it look like S shape.

To insert the chain on its path, select the chain object and apply curve modifier. Don’t forget to choose NubsPath on object box.

You soon notice your chain having some kind of distortion. To fix it is easy. Move the curve to chain location. It’s fix now, right.

Tips: You also can add more chain if you have a longer path. You can using Fit Curve method on array modifier. More details on picture below:

Interlinked Chain

Another cool effect that we can play with this chain object is to make it tilt. On curve edit mode, select one of the vertex and click Tilt button on tool shelf (Ctrl + T).

Phewww… what a long post!. I hope you read it till the end.

Alright, next one is to create the ball and its spikes. Join this blog or follow me on twitter and facebook, so you’ll be the first person who read it. Cheers!.

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