[Blender 3D] Lattice Method & Volume Light.

In Blender 3D, there is a feature that almost have a same function as bone called Lattice. It’s a simple to apply. I’m gonna show you how and you can decide later which one you prefer. We will practice by create a X letter.

Make a cube and rotate it 45d to X Axis.

Remove all the transformation pattern by press Ctrl + A —> Rotation & Scale. If we’re not remove them, the shape will look weird when we extrude X object.

Enter edit mode then select its 4 sides like picture below:

Click Extrude Individual button on Tool left bar option.

Repeat Extrude Individual 2 more time until it create this shape:

I want to make it smooth so I add Subdivision Surface modifier.

But, we still have kinda sharp end. To fix it, I select the four edge with shortcut Ctrl + E —> Edge Loops and then slide them with Edge Slide option. It should look like this:


After I apply Edge Slide to all X ends, now I will give it a Lattice feature. Back to Object Mode, press Shift + A —> Lattice.

On Lattice editor, change the parameter like below so the X will look a little bit skinny.

Now to make the X object become lattice, you just need to add Lattice modifier.

Active the X object, enter Edit Mode, and try to move the vertex. You will see some distortion happen.

Volume Light:

For a Volume Light, create a Lamp —> Spot, rotate it, and place it to spot all the letters from behind.

Give it a white volume by active Halo and Show Cone.

If you want to have a dramatic scene, still on Lamp editor open Shadow parameter, and try to change the option like mine below:

There’s something missing from the render result above. There is no dark area that caused by letters object blocking the light. You can simply fix it by change the Step value to 2.

lattice volume light

Tadaaa… Looks better, right?. I’m sorry for the lack of material. I’m just too lazy to add them hahaha. If you don’t know how to add basic material, read this post.

Okay, thank you for reading this and don’t forget to follow me on twitter & facebook. See ya next time!.

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