Learning Object Transform ( Move, Scale, Rotate, Mirror ) in Blender.

Hello guys, we’re finally on object transform tutorial. This tool is one of the most important tool you need to master before you modeling an object or start make a project. At first you will feel the transform tool in blender is weird and difficult, but actually when you good at it, it’s faster than other 3d software.

Move Object:

The best way to move an object in your scene is by shortcut G the type X, Y, Z. Depending on which align axis you choose. Example, if you want to move an object align X axis, then type G + X button on keyboard. You can add number if there is a specific value. Or you could just click on X axis arrow and move along its line.

You also can click on object ( menu panel ) —> transform —> grab/move ( G ).

Tips: If you press Ctrl + Drag left mouse, then the moving object will be exactly in grid value. You will see the object move is kinda stiff.

Rotate Object:

For Rotate, just like grab, you can use shortcut R with example like this: R + X ( axis ) + 45 ( example for 45 degree ). For reset back to 0 degree press Alt + R.

Let’s say you want to change your origin point. From pictures below, I first move the 3d cursor to outside of torus object, then click on Set Origin —> Origin to 3d Cursor. Now i can rotate the object with its origin point outside of torus.

Learning Object Transform ( Move, Scale, Rotate, Mirror ) in Blender

set origin 2

Scale Object:

For scale, you can use S shortcut and then drag the mouse. You also can use scale manipulator on menu panel. Press Shift or Ctrl for more details scale.

scale manipulator

Beside the shortcut, I also use properties ( N ) to enter specific scale value.

enter scale value from properties panel


For mirror an object I only use one method which is object —> mirror. You can choose what axis you want your object mirror to.

I think that’s it!. This is all the basic trick I use on my workflow. I hope this 3d blender tutorial helpful for beginner user. If you have question, comment below!. Thank you for reading!.



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