4 LibreCAD Tips User Need to Know.

Yes, it’s another LibreCAD article. What can I say, I have been using LibreCAD lately, so I thought I share what I know ☺. My previous LibreCAD articles is like a workflow of simple floor plan. I think that is an easy way for beginner to study and start using this open source 2d CAD program. This post is simply about tips that I’m sure will be useful as well.

Let’s get started then.

Measure Distance:

Sometimes you just want to know the distance of your object or between points without display the dimension text. You can click on distance icon and choose its option.

Hatch Don’t Show Up Solution:

I had this issue one time and it’s drive me crazy. I just keep adding hatch and they’re not show up, thinking I did something wrong. If I click on hatch part, the status bar will give info about selected object count. Apparently it happened because I active the draft tool. So make sure draft tool is off.

Rename and Switch/Change Layer:

You can find easily layer attributes on layer widget. Example, if you want to rename a layer click on layer modify and setting window will appear. Type a new layer name, color, etc then click Ok.

If you face a situation where you working on a layer that not supposed to and you want to change to the original layer, the process is a little bit difference. First active the object you want to switch/change its layer, then click modify -→ attributes. From picture below, I have some of dimension text that I want to change to 0 layer.

Auto Zoom:

Auto zoom is a zoom type that you use when you want to place the entire drawing in the center of your drawing area or canvas. You just need to click on auto zoom icon on the top of status bar.

This post will be update as soon as I discover new tips to share. Again thank you for visiting and support my little blog. Hopefully you found something interesting here. Subscribe to my youtube channel, so you won’t miss the video version of this article. Oh by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!. Cheers…

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