[Blender 3d] Light Source & Diffuse BSDF Material in Cycles.

On our previous learning, we always use blender internal render. The result is good, but if you want more realistic image, you can use cycles render instead. Because the end result is so realistic and some say perfect, the render time is quiet long. In cycles render, the setting of light and material is different.

In some cases you need to use a node edit. But, that’s another article. For now, we will learn adding light source and diffuse BSDF Material material using cycles render.


For this practice, remove the lamp first. We don’t need it on cycles. And then switch to Cycles Render.

Emission Light Source:

Open any kind of your blender 3d file that have a wall. I have my simple house model here. Next, I add a simple object from extra object menu ( a pyramid ) and create a plane on wall.

Active the plane and create a new material. The display of material on cycles render is more simple, but give you a better result. Follow my setting below. If you want to change the color of light, just click on color bar. You can increase the value of strength if you want.

From the picture below, you see a white light source and create a shadow. Sorry for the noise, I only set sample to 700 and I render it on my old Acer Ubuntu laptop. Also forgive me for the size of the image. I just remember I set the resolution only 50% hahahaha.

But, as long as you follow the steps I show you above, increase bigger sample value, and resolution 100%, you’ll be fine :).

Global Light with Sky Texture:

Beside an object that act as light source, we also can add another light with World editor.

For more cool light effect, we can set the Color to Sky Texture, and then drag the color bar to have the color and contrast we want.

If you want to back to your previous light set, just simply click Remove.

Diffuse BSDF Material:

In this part, we will learn to apply basic wall material in cycles render. Click wall object and create a new material. See more details below.

I render it, and here’s the result.

Light Source and Diffuse BSDF Material

The result is better than blender render, right?. On next article I’m gonna show you the method for glossy & glass material, and other stuff. We will play with blender cycles from now on. So stay tune, subscribe, and follow all my social media. See you next time!.

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