Modelling Fruit (Mango) with Subdivision Surface in Blender 3D.

Hello guys, we meet again. I’m so excited to write this mango subdivision surface posting because this is the first time we’ll try making an organic object. There are several steps we need to create until we receive a proper mango object, so basically this is a serial tutorial, but I won’t separated in parts (tittle) because each feature we will use in this tutorial is stand alone tool that can be use on different object.

Okay, in this first part we will modelling fruit object ( mango ) with a little help from subdivision surface modifier. Open your blender 3d program and create a new file project. Don’t delete the cube, we will use it as our basic object. Press N to bring Properties panel and set the dimension to 2 x 4 x 2 unit.

We will make a new segment of face. To do that you have to enter edit mode (TAB) and make loop cut and slide command (Ctrl + R). Point your cursor to object in the vertical faces and the pink edge cutter will show up. You can add another cutter by use scroll mouse up and down. For this object we’ll have 2 cutter. Right click when you finish. That’s mean now we have 2 segment of faces.

Select the first edge loop (Ctrl+E —> Edge Loops) and move it a little bit to the left. Do the same with the second edge loop.

Active the left face (Ctrl+Tab — face) and scale (S) it to smaller. Same apply to right face.

Smooth with Subdivision Surface:

Here’s the most important thing to turn this cube shape object to more smooth and rounded shape by using Subdivision Surface. Oh, and don’t forget to click on smooth button (shading).

Well, it’s still doesn’t look like a mango, does it?. We’re getting there, promise :).

Enter edit mode again, and select the left face and make it a little smaller. And then select left edge loop and make it bigger.

Now we will make cavity on left face. Active the face and press E (Extrude) on keyboard. Now, you have a new face. Move it along to Y axis.

Now, you understand all the command I use, you can adjust the curve of this mango object as you like. I have mine below :). If you already satisfied with your mango, click apply on subdivision surface modifier editor.

Mango Subdivision Surface

I hope picture above is classify as a mango shape for you hehehe. Anyway, thank you for spending time reading this blender 3d tutorial for beginner, finger cross it’s a useful one :). On next article, I will show you how to texture paint out this object. See you and have a nice day!.

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