LibreCad Tutorial: Simple Floor Plan Workflow Pt.2

Before we get into the article topic, for anyone who land on this page via referral link on social media, this post is a second part of my LibreCad Tutorial: Simple Floor Plan Workflow serie. On first part, my readers have learned about setting setup, create layer, line, copy/move, and offset object. Basically the first post show readers how to draw a as line. You can watch the youtube version here.

Now, on this second part, we will learn more tool by create wall, door, and column. You can use function like rectangle, arc, mirror, etc from this exercise. So, open the last saved file that we use from first part. First task is to make a column element from rectangle tool.


Create a new layer and name it column, choose green color. Make sure you work on column layer and click rect icon on line menu. The dimension of our column is 40x40cm. Click on the endpoint of first line and drag in rect shape. Again pay attention on status bar that show 40, -40.

Simple Floor Plan Workflow Pt.2

Move the rect with its center point to line end point. You can’t find center point of an object by using snap function like on Autocad. So, it’s a little tricky on your side. I pick middle point and move it twice. Watch the video for more clear instruction.

Now, copy it in multiple and place it with distance 500cm. It should look like this:


To create a wall element, make a wall layer, and offset as line object with distance 7.5cm. Place it on right side. For the left side, beside offset you can use mirror tool. Choose the line object and click mirror on modify menu. Pick reference point, move your cursor to 90d and click again. Mirroring option box will appear choose keep original. Don’t forget to active restrict orthogonal.

Repeat the same process to all wall object. Or you can just copy them.


A good example of arc tool is by creating door element. Using your knowledge about line, rect, copy/move, go head create door frame. For the door symbol itself, use curve -→ 3 points. Because I have double door, I mirror the object and place it where I want.


Now, our floor plan already have wall and door element. You also can add window element if you want. After this usually I make some cleaning by eliminate lines that shouldn’t be there. I use trim and lengthen (extend) for this. For example I want to delete these line inside column object. But, first I have to explode this rectangle object (modify -→ explode).

What I did is go to modify -→ trim -→ select limiting entity -→ select entity to trim (line you want to keep). You can always look on command line for next instruction. Don’t forget to press esc or click pointer button once you finish. Repeat the process by right click -→ trim if you still have more lines to delete.

I think I will end this second part of the serie here. On next LibreCAD tutorial, we will learn how to extend/lengthen line, hatch, text, and dimension. Make sure you follow this blog and my social media and subscribe to my youtube channel for this tutorial video version. Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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