Blender 3D Tutorial: Create Neon Effect In A Room.

After learning fluorescent effect with a scene that is no wall, now we will try to apply it inside a room. Most blender user will wondering if the process is the same, the answer to that question is not. It’s needs advance knowledge about blender 3d but still easy to follow, like this blender 3d tutorial: create neon effect in a room article.

We will still using objects from our previous post, a text and a sphere. If you have a plane like me, because we don’t need it anymore, you can delete it.

For replacement object, create a cube and place your neon objects inside of cube. If you want to view on wireframe mode just press Z on keyboard.

Enter edit mode and active Face Normal on mesh display ( shortcut N ). You will see 6 blue lines that directed outside of cube. If you want to place the camera inside the cube and using blender 2.78, I think you will not find any problem at all when you try to render. But, if you place the camera outside the cube, you need to use flip direction tool (shading /uvs) on shelf tool.

Neon Effect In A Room 1

Working on Node Editor in Blender 3D:

Let’s just say our camera is outside the cube and make sure you already flip direction the blue lines so its point inside of the cube. If you try to render, you only receive a black/dark image. This is where we will step up a little bit. After you create new material button, click that shader nodes icon.

Neon Effect In A Room 2

And then change your 3d viewport to node editor. On material node click new button and the default white material will appear. Next, add geometry parameter with command Add —> Input —> Geometry. Drag node from front/back to node alpha. More details see picture below:

Neon Effect In A Room 3

Back on your material slot, active surface and transparency = z transparency.

Neon Effect In A Room 4


For finishing touch, you can adjust the distance of object fluorescent inside a room by decrease strength value on falloff, example: 1. See the difference between these 2 render result below:

Blender 3D Tutorial: Create Neon Effect In A Room

As always thank you for spending time reading my blender 3d tutorial. I really hope it give another knowledge for you to play around with this awesome program. If you have question, feel free to comment below!.



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