Too Much Object On Blender Scene?. Make Them Focus.

Sometimes when you working on a scene in blender, let’s say a landscape or environment scene, you can create a lot of object. And it’s hard to focus on one object when other object block your view. It also make your computer slower. That’s why you need to make an object focus, hide, isolate, zoom, or using a layer trick.

Hide Object.

This is probably the most method I use when too much object and only want to focus on one specifically. I have a picture below with sphere selected and want to only focus on it. What I did is selected other object beside sphere and then go to object —> show/hide —> hide selected or only press H shortcut. If you want to display the rest of the objects, just press Alt + H.

hide objects in blender

Or you can turn off the eye icon for all the objects you want to hide on outliner panel.

Isolate Object.

Another way to isolate an object is by numpad /. Select 1 object and press numpad /. The camera will automatically getting closer on one object, and others will hidden. To be able to back to normal view, press numpad / again.

Zoom to Object.

With this method the camera will automatically focus on object you choose. Select one object and press numpad (.). If you on laptop, press Fn (.). If you want to back to normal view, you have to use mouse middle wheel.


This is one of the most method I use a lot. Try create different objects on your default scene. Select 2 object, press M ( Move ), the layer slot will show up, click on second or third layer slot, whichever you want. Now try to click on layer slot you choose, and I’m sure you will see your object there. To make all layers visible, so you can see all your objects, press Shift + Click on multiple layers on layers panel.

Too Much Object On Blender Scene?. Make Them Focus

It’s quiet easy, right?. If you ask me which method that I can recommend for beginner, I will say the H shortcut and Layer method. If you have question, feel free to ask me. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!.


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