How to Create Ocean Sea Water in Blender 3D.

Ho ho ho!. How’s your Christmas, guys?. I hope you had a wonderful time. As for me, seems like I can’t stay away from publish how to create ocean sea water in blender 3d tutorial. I mean I already have the draft, so why not posting it a few days after Christmas, right?. :).

If you found this post on google, I will assume you are in the middle of modeling a river or little island. This post also a continuation from land and grass article. Go, check it out if you have spare time. Unlike my other article, this is a simple and short tutorial to follow.

I’m gonna open my island blender file and then create a plane object as my ocean water. Make some adjustment such as placement, scale, and view point. Like what I did below:

Ocean Sea Water 1

Still select the plane object, now we will create a new material with diffuse color:blue sea and specular:white. Ocean water characteristic is like mirror, it give reflection. That’s why check mirror box, enter reflectivity value = 0.8.

Ocean Sea Water 2

Note: If you don’t see grass reflection on water, go to grass material editor and make sure Strand Render is not active.

Ocean Sea Water 3

The result of our setting so far:

Ocean Sea Water 4

As you can see, the water is not wavy and rippling. But you can fix it by adding Voronoi effect on water object.

Make Ocean Water Wavy and Rippling in Blender 3D:

Active water object and create a new texture. On Type select Cloud. More details look picture below:

Ocean Sea Water 5

Try to render it. It looks better than the last one, right?. But something is missing. I want to make our ocean water look obtrusive. It’s like emboss effect, you know?. For this we need to play a little bit on Mapping and Influence option. You can change the value Geometry: Normal from 0.05 to 1.000 to make the grass reflection on water clear or no.

Ocean Sea Water 6

I change mine to 0.05 and it give me this result:

Ocean Sea Water 7

Thank you for stopping by and reading this how to create ocean sea water in blender 3d tutorial. And if you found this article is helpful. Please feel free to share it with your friends. See you on next tutorial!.








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