[Blender 3D] Open Door & Floor From Curve Object.

This is part #3 from our blender 3d house tutorial. And this time we will add door and floor object. For the door, the process is same with how we make windows. So please check that link first, because I won’t repeat the instruction. And for floor, we will build it from Curve object.

My set dimension for the door’s hole is X:1m ; Y:15cm ; Z:2m. Apply boolen modifier ( operation: difference and object: carve ), and move it to second layer. I then copy the frame and glass object, and edit it to make it look like a door. You can be creative as you like.

But, what if I want to display the door in open mode. Yes, we can do that using rotate tool.

First, I move my 3d cursor to the inside part of the door.

And then I set Origin to 3d cursor.

Next I rotate it on Z align.

Create Floor From Curve:

There are some option for blender 3d user to create a floor object. This time I will use Curve. But, first switch the viewport to Top. Press Shift + A —> Curve —> Bezier.

Enter edit mode and make it a straight line by press V —> Vector. To add another line press Extrude (E). To close it press Alt + C or click Toggle Cyclic button.

Sometimes there’s a chance that your curve won’t fit on the grid. To fix it, select all vertex (A) and press Shift + S —> Selection to Grid. From top view you will not sure if the curve is place right on grid base. Just change the parameter on Location, Z = 0.

For floor thickness, go to bezier editor and change Extrude to 2cm.

Okay, that’s it. Simple, right?. If you still confuse and having trouble with this lesson, just comment below. Next, we will make the roof. So don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on twitter and facebook.

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