[Blender 3D] Physics Cloth and Glow Material.

From our last article, we have learned to create a magic ball and a simple cloth. For the cloth part, I think it will cool if we add a quick animation where the cloth fall down to magic ball. In blender 3d, we call it Physics Cloth. It’s easy and it’s fun to play with.

On second part of this article, we will try make our magic ball glow using Halo lighting.

Let’s get to it, shall we?.

Open your magic ball and cloth file, and active the plane object. Choose Physics icon and click on Cloth button. This command make your plane object become a cloth.

Because it will fall down to magic ball, the Icosphere and the base object will act as a Collision. Active Icosphere first, go to Physics, and click Collision button. Repeat the same process for Cylinder.

Try to play the animation.

Note: If you don’t have a floor object, the cloth will continue falling down. So, if you want, you can create a floor and turn it to Collision, so the cloth will stop on floor.

Sometimes when your frame too long, the cloth will collide to itself that result in bad effect. To fix it, make sure the cloth still selected and check the Self Collision box.

If you want to make it smooth, you can add Subdivision Surface modifier. Also you can change the Velocity value if you think the cloth falling to fast.

To make the cloth not too shinny, lower the value of Intensity.

We’re done with the cloth part. Let’s move to make the magic ball glow.

Glow Effect (Halo) on Blender 3D:

It’s quiet easy and fast to make a glow effect on blender 3d. Add a new lamp to your scene if you don’t have one, and make it a Spot type.

We need a duplicate of Icosphere object as our Halo object. So, go create one.

Add a new material to that duplicate object, set it as Halo, and try to change the parameter like mine below:

Move the Halo object to inside of Icosphere. Try to render it.

You can play around with both of Icosphere objects material if you’re not happy with the render result. I just want to show you what object you can create by using blender basic tool, modifier, and feature.

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