[Blender 3D] Create a Pipe Using Curve, Shrink/Fatten, and Tilt Feature.

There are several way how we can create a pipe in blender 3d. In this pipe using curve, shrink/fatten, and tilt feature tutorial, I’m gonna show you a quick and easy method so hopefully you can learn and apply it to your other project. Just a head up, I won’t show a basic step by step instruction like how to add a new object and transformation tool (scale, move, extrude, etc).

Okay, let’s get start it…

Make sure your view is on right ortho (numpad 3), make a curve —> bezier, and active align to view. Enter edit mode and select the right vertex.

Add another vertex with ctrl + klik or extrude (E) command. Try to make the curve path like mine below:

Back to object mode, create a circle, and keep it align to view. Scale the circle smaller and place it on the left side of the bezier object.

Active the bezier curve and on Data editor set Bevel Object = Bezier Circle. Now your bezier will turn like pipe shape.

You can be happy with this result if you want. But, I want to take this pipe shape to more details like a faucet. So, back to edit mode, select two top vertex to create 2 more vertex between them by using Subdivide (W) command. Now, you’ll have 4 top vertex.

Repeat the same process with the vertical bezier.

When you finish, select all the vertex and make them Automatic, so they more flexible and simple.

Enlarge Radius with Shrink/Fatten:

One of the method we can use to enlarge circle radius on specific vertex is shrink/fatten feature. Active one of the top vertex and click shrink/fatten button. Move the vertex to right – left for more proper shape.

The type of radius that I use here is Linear. You can try other type by click on Data editor —> Active Spline —> Radius.

For the purpose of this learning, I’m gonna choose Ease. I later make some adjustment by scale the vertex and move its bezier (handle). After a few tweak here and there I got this result:

Repeat the same technique to the bottom vertex and adjust the scale and its bezier until it look like picture below:

Now, to one of the most important step. Change your viewport to user ortho and select one the vertex like i show on picture below:

And then click Tilt button.

One thing is missingĀ from this pipe is its thickness. To fix it, you can add a solidify modifier with thickness = – 0.1.

Pipe Using Curve, Shrink/Fatten, and Tilt Feature

Much better now, right?. I’m sure you having trouble adjust the right shape of this pipe. Don’t worry, me too. But at least now you know these feature that you can apply to another object.

Thank you for reading and please share this Pipe Using Curve, Shrink/Fatten, and Tilt Feature article if you find it useful. Have a nice day, friends!.

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