Get to Know Randomize Vertex Feature [Blender 3D].

As an extension from the previous article, Cutting Object (Ashtray) Face Using Knife Project Tool, in this tutorial we will learning about randomize vertex feature that later will apply on cigarette object. The process to create cigarette in blender 3d is quite easy, so you should have no problem following my instruction even though it’s not an step by step tutorial.

Create a cylinder object with parameter value I have below:

Go to edit mode and make additional segment on cylinder object using Loop Cut & Slide (Ctrl + R). To add or lessen the segment you can scroll up/scroll down with your wheel mouse.

Click smooth shading (object mode) to make it smooth. It’s probably too smooth that you can’t see the border edge. We need a little fix by go to Data editor, check auto smooth box, and play with the angle value. I have 12d below.

In edit mode create a new material with diffuse color: brown.

We all know cigarette have 2 colors. Brown on the filter area and white on tobacco area.

Change your viewport to front view and make sure the limit selection to visible icon deactivate, so we can select the back face as well. Still the same material editor, click on + sign to create the filter area material with diffuse color white. Select some of lower faces and click assign button.

Because we haven’t apply the filter area material, we need to select the top face, choose brown material and click assign button. The easier way to active filter area face by go to select —> Inverse.

After rotate it 90d, the cigarette will look like this:

Randomize Vertex Feature in Blender 3D:

To make it more realistic that the tobacco area already burned-out, we can use the randomize vertex tool. On edit mode, active vertex mesh and just randomly select vertex with circle selecion (C). You can play around a little bit with its parameter. Mine probably not the best result :). I think i will edit it manual.

Note: I increase the auto smooth angle to 40d on Data editor to remove the rough face.

The render result after I place it on its ashtray. What do you think?.

Okay, I think you reach the end of this article. It’s pretty easy to follow, right?. Even without step by step instruction, you shouldn’t facing problem with this blender tutorial. But still, if you have question just comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this article with your friends. See ya!.

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