[Gimp] Selection Pt. 1: Rectangle, Ellipse, Freehand, and Fuzzy.

There are at least 8 method ( that I remember ) you can use to select object on gimp. In this first post about selection, I’m gonna show you how to do rectangle, ellipse, freehand, and fuzzy selection. This four selection tool in gimp is the easiest, so we will start from there.

1. Rectangle Selection.

Open one of the image file on you library, and click on rect select icon. Drag your mouse on image, it will created a rectangle selection. On its Tool Options, there mode you can choose: replace, add, substract, and intersect. You can try each of them.

rectangle, ellipse, freehand, and fuzzy selection

You also can change the aspect ratio, size, width, height by check its box.

2. Ellipse Selection.

The process is quiet same as rect selection. It’s just the selection in ellipse shape. You also can create a circle selection by checking expand from center and fixed box.

3. Free Selection.

With Free Select Tool, you can select an area of image with free hand-drawn and polygonal segments. For start, click on 1 point to another point, or you can just left click, hold, and trace the selection area you want. What if you accidentally click on wrong area?. You can fix it by click on the wrong point and drag it to your selection area.

If you want to move the selected area to another image file. You can do that by use the command Copy and Paste as New Layer.

4. Fuzzy Selection.

Fuzzy selection is when you want to select an area that have a similar color. Search an image that have a contrast color between the background and the main object like I have here. The Threshold on Fuzzy select tool have important rule, because its calculate the similar colors. Try to click on Fuzzy select icon, and click on one point of your image.

From here you can arrange the Threshold as you wish until it select the area you want.

It’s simple right?. If you having a hard time following my guideline through article, you can watch the video version above. Also don’t forget to subscribe on my youtube channel. Next tutorial we will learn about color, scissor, foreground, and path selection. See you later!.

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