[Inkscape] Star Wars: Rey Jedi Training Kokeshi Doll Illustration.

Happy new year, you all. I wish you a happy and healthy life in 2018. Still in euphoria of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I decide to create a cute kokeshi doll illustration in inkscape of our beloved Rey in her Jedi training wardrobe. The workflow is quiet easy to follow for beginner as they will learn some new trick.

So, let’s get started?.

Open inkscape and make new file. Create a rectangle background that have a same dimension with your document, and place it on the center of the page. For now we give it a light blue color.

You can make the background a new layer and lock it, so it won’t move accidentally.

Now, draw an ellipse shape using circle tool, hold ctrl key, so it’s in aspect ratio mode. Fill with 90% Gray.

Make a rectangle and put it a little bit on the bottom of the ellipse. You can fill it with any color you like. This rectangle shape will act like a knife in this case.

Select both object and go to Path -→ Difference. Duplicate the result shape, so now we have 2 body object. We gonna use the duplicate object for the hair.

Active the original body shape and make it Object to Path ( Shift + Ctrl + C ). Click Edit Path tool and make the top & middle nodes auto smooth. For 2 bottom nodes use scale in tool ( < key ).

Create a rectangle and place it a little bit on the bottom of duplicate shape (the hair object), align them, select both of the objects and then go to Path -→ Difference.

Next, we draw the face part using ellipse, and put it below hair shape. For the hair itself, you can adjust all the nodes until you get the hair shape you want. What I did with the hair is arrange all the node using its tool. I also make a little hair bun. Here’s the result:

For the eye, you can use circle and Bezier triangle in mode. Just draw one eye, duplicate, flip it horizontal, and place it to other side.

I also add a red cheek object below the eyes. And for the mouth, it’s from Bezier triangle with color fill red.

The Jedi suit I draw using basic rectangle, bezier tool, and Path -→ Difference technique. I suggest you to watching video tutorial to get more details steps.

I hope this posting can help you learn new trick and apply them on your work. Thank you for reading don’t forget subscribe to this blog and my youtube channel.

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