Confuse to Select and Group an Object in Blender?. Here’s the Easy Steps!.

As I mentioned on my blender ui introduction post, one of the reason I left blender a few years ago is its unusual select an object command. If you a beginner user, you probably as confused as me too. But, it’s quiet easy actually, you just need a little time to get use to it. For selection, there are several ways to do it. Every method you choose have a good side and a bad side. I’m not gonna show you all, just the ones I use a lot, and hopeful it’s also work for you. I let you decide which one is comfy for you.

Selection in Blender:


1. Right Click.

This is pretty common command.

  • To select a single object, you just have to right click on that object.
  • To select more than 1 object press shift + right click. The same command apply if you want to deselect an object.
  • The last object to be selected will be in light orange.

Confuse to Select and Group an Object in Blender?. Here's the Easy Steps!

2. Ctrl + Drag Through the Object.

If you want to select multiple object fastest than number 1 above, you can do this way. All of the object that get inside of the selection lines will be selected.

3. Shortcut A.

Let’s see if you want to select or deselect all objects on your scene, you can do that by only press A on your keyboard.

4. Border Selection.

I use this method quiet a lot too. All you have to do is press B on keyboard, drag your mouse on screen until it create a rectangle border. All objects that get inside the box will be selected.

5. Circle Select.

I don’t use it at all when I’m working on object mode. But, circle select is quiet fast when you on edit mode, and have to select multiple face.

Right click on an object —> press TAB to enter edit mode —> press C, then move your mouse to select multiple face/vertex/edge.

When you finish press Esc.

select face using c brush in blender edit mode

Now, we’re moving to group.

Group in Blender:

Grouping in blender is not like other 3d or graphics software. I don’t want to scare you, but it’s kinda complicated. Let’s get practice, okay?. Create object like picture below:

Now, select the 3 Icosphere objects, Ctrl + G to create a group, and rename the group title to group icosphere, the option is on bottom left panel. Repeat the steps to suzanne objects. Now try to select one of the object. You will see the other objects that include on the same group won’t get selected. To able to do that, select one object, Shift + G, on menu box choose Group, then you will see the rest of the object that are in the same group will be selected.

group technique in blender

What if you want to include the cube object on both of group. Still use the same method like above, only this time you have to repeat it for icosphere and suzanne group. When you select cube object, press Shift + G, choose Group, another menu box will show up ask you which group you want to pick. You also can duplicate object and it will automatically include on its group.

I know it’s a little bit complicated compare to other software, I will try to upload video tutorial, so maybe you will understand a little bit. Thank you for reading this confuse to select and group an object in Blender?. Here’s the easy steps! article, and I see you on next tutorial!.


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