How to Make Object Snap in Blender.

When you working on a project, you want to know how How to Make Object Snap in Blender. Because it’s an important tool, you’ll get headache if you can’t figure it out. Here’s several approach that you can use:

Object Snap.


One of the way to move object in precision is Snap Increment. If you use this method, you will move object every 1 unit value.

snap blender 1

Try create a plane and a cube, make sure you active the snap increment tool like the picture above show, and now move the cube along x axis. You will see the move in 1 unit value, right?. And if you want to change the object move to 2 unit, you can change it on properties panel ( N ) —> Display, and set grid floor: scale to 2.

snap blender 2

Snap to Face

If you want to place one object on the face of another object, you can use snap to face tool. Make sure snap, face, and align rotation is active.

Picture below show I move the Icosphere object on different face of cube object.

snap blender 3

Move Object to 3D Cursor

This trick is quiet fast to use when you already have a specific point to place your object. Example like the picture below: left click on the top of cube object, Shift + S, and choose selection to cursor.

snap blender 4

snap blender 5

Case Study:

I’m gonna make a short case study here by moving suzanne object with its origin point on its chin, and move the object on the top of cone object.

1. Left click on suzanne chin. On tool shelf, choose set origin to 3d cursor.

snap blender 6

2. Now, left click on the top of cone, shift + s, and pick selection to cursor.

How to Make Object Snap in Blender

3. Now your suzanne happily sit on the top of cone.

Okay, that’s it, guys. Blender is always a little bit confuse when you learning new tool. You know what they say: practice makes perfect :D. If you have question leave comment below. Thank you for reading!.


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