Spiked Mace From Icosphere Object in Blender 3D.

If you a first visitor to this blog and happen to read this spiked mace icosphere article for the first time, you probably missed the first post of this serial tutorial, Interlinked Chain Using Array Modifier in Blender 3D. So i suggest you to check that link first. But, if you want to follow this article as a stand alone article, that’s fine too. Okay, let’s get started then.

Create a new blender file or open your last file where you have the interlinked chain object. We will make a mace that have triangle face. Press Shift + A —> Mesh —> Icosphere. After that create a cone. Same process as Icosphere, just this time choose Cone.

Because of I already make some adjustment before change its parameter, I have to change its dimension with editing mode. But, if you still have your cone parameter panel, please enter this value:

Vertices: 12 ; Radius 1: 0.5 ; Radius 2: 0.000 ; Depth: 1.500

Next, to make it more details, we need a torus. Select both of the objects and press Ctrl + J (Join) to combine them. If you click on it, you’ll see on outliner panel there’s a new name created Torus.001.

Note: If you want to separated this two object, on edit mode just press P and choose By Loose Parts.

Spread Object on Face (Blender 3D):

To spread our cone, we need to select the cone and then icosphere and press Ctrl + P (Set Parent to : Object). The parent object will have a light orange color.

Now we will try to make our cone spikes. First, active icosphere, and in its object data editor set the duplication = face. Check scale box and you can drag its inherit scale to see all the spike change. Or another tips: Uncheck the box and just scale from the cone box. It’s up to you, which method you choose.

Note: On old blender version, sometimes you need to choose Torus.001 on Relation : Parent option. So please pay attention to it.

To make both cone & icosphere appear when you render it, select the icosphere —> object —> apply —> make duplicates real.

Now we’re going to move the spike to icosphere. But first you need to join all the cone objects and name it spike. After that Set Origin = Origin to Center of Mass.

To align spike and icosphere position, select both objects and click on object —> transform —> align objects. On its parameter click on all the Axis. Hold Shift key when you click.

We want to make the spikes always follow icosphere transformation. To be able to do that, select the spike first and then icosphere object, next press Ctrl + P. Don’t forget to apply smooth on icosphere. Here’s the final result:

Spiked Mace Icosphere

What do you think, guys?. I hope you can follow the instruction I wrote above. If you have question, please leave your message on comment box below. Have a nice easter weekend!.

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