Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object in Blender 3D.

Hey ya  guys, we met again. We’re still on staircase topic though :). Straight staircase is done and now let’s try with spiral staircase. We will still use array modifier with a little help from empty object and apply/rotation feature in Editor Object Data. Our spiral stair will look like that DNA Helix.

At this point I assume you already know how to add new object and transform its dimension, alright?. So make a cube object and change the dimension to X: 1.2 m; Y: 40 cm; Z: 5 cm.

Now we will dig to more specific steps.

I want you to make sure the pivot point and 3d cursor place in the middle of our stair count object. Click on the object and enter edit mode ( TAB ). And then press Shift+S and choose Cursor to Selected. Back to Object Mode and on Tool Shelf click Set Origin —> Origin to 3D Cursor.

Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object 1

We will move the step stair a little bit to the left and then add an empty object. But because we already transform the cube we have to make it clear again so when we apply the array modifier, it won’t look weird. To do that go to Object —> Apply —> Rotation & Scale.

Add empty object with shortcut: Shift+A —> Empty —> Plain Axes.

Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object 2

Add Array Modifier. Fixed Count 15, and this time choose Constant Offset. Set Z value to 27 cm and check Object Offset box, click the box and choose Empty. Because the empty object is on right side of our stair, you will see all the array object align with X axis. Select the stair and go to Editor Object Data and on Rotation chnage X value to 20 degrees. Now you will see it’s started to shape spiral, but the distance between steps doesn’t feel right, right?. 😀

Play with Empty Object On Spiral Staircase:

Yup, you read it right. To make the steps look more proportion to its placement and dimension, it’s time to play with empty object and maybe transform the stair a little bit. Here’s what you can do:

1. Scale, rotate, and move the empty object.

2. Select stair object and enter edit mode. You also can rotate or move the steps until you get a better spiral staircase. Mine look like below:

Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object 3

Next is create a pole and a handle.

How to Add Spiral Staircase Kits in Blender:

For the pole, create a Cylinder object, set the radius and depth on cylinder tool shelf, so it will look like this:

Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object 4

And for the handler we will create a plane object, transform/edit it, and place it on the side of the stair.

Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object 5

Because we will add modifier on this plane object, we have to erase its transformation path. Go to Object—>Apply—>Rotation & Scale or shortcut Ctrl+A.

Select the plane and add Screw Modifier. On AxisOb box choose Cylinder. This is my setting on screw modifier panel. It probably different for you. Just play with it until you see a proper shape of spiral stair.

Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object in Blender 3D

Now, you just need to add material on this project. If you don’t know how to apply a glass material, read this post.

Okay, that’s it. I hope this Spiral Staircase Using Empty Object in Blender 3D tutorial is helpful and informative. If you have question, feel free to comment below. See you next post!. Cheers!.







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