Create Straight Staircase with Array Modifier in Blender.

Hey youuuuu. How’s your day?. I hope you still have time to read this new blender 3d tutorial for beginner. After we learned how to create a chair in blender, now we will step up a little bit by starting learning a modifier. This time we will learn about Array modifier, and what’s the best practice than build a staircase, right?. It’s just a simple straight staircase, so this tutorial should be short and easy to follow.

Maybe, I will show how to add material on that staircase as well. We’ll see, okay?. :p. Okay, let’s start, shall we?.

1. Create a cube object by using shortcut Shift+A, and set the dimension to X:1.2m; Y:40cm; Z:5cm, so it will look like this:

Straight Staircase with Array Modifier 1

2. On properties panel, choose modifier slot, click Add Modifier and choose Array. Usually when you already have your floor plan, you know how many count you have for your staircase, right?. I have a sample staircase that have 15 count. For Fit Type I choose Fixed Count and on Count box I enter 15. Check Relative Offset and set the value to X:0; Y:1; Z:6. If you confuse about the value of Z, my little advice is create a cube model with specific value you want, see if they’re fit to each other.

Straight Staircase with Array Modifier 2

3. Now we’re going to add a plane object for stair handle. Go to right view, Shift+A pick plane, and on shelf tool cek Align to View box. Place and edit the object and add solidify modifier with thickness: 15 cm. Clone the object ( Alt+D ) and put it on the other side.

Straight Staircase with Array Modifier 3

4. Create another plane or you can jut clone the stair handle and transform them like picture below. Make sure the thickness is smaller now, because i want to make it a glass material.

Straight Staircase with Array Modifier 4

That’s the final result. Now, it’s time to add material on this object!.

How to Add Staircase Material ( Glass ) in Blender:

We only will add 2 material for this staircase, a glass for upper handle and basic material for the stair count. Check this post for basic material apply for beginner.

1. Create a material for stair, pick a light baby blue color on diffuse and set the specular intensity to 0.8. Name the material staircase. You also will apply the same material in bottom handle. Just click on material linked icon and choose staircase name.

Straight Staircase with Array Modifier 5

2. Click on New button on material slot for our glass material. Rename it, keep the default setting for color and specular. On shading check the shadeless box, check transparency and choose Z transparency. Change the alpha value to 0.1.

If you have base plane as floor, you can add texture on it. Play with repeat and mapping value. Here is the final render:

Create Straight Staircase with Array Modifier in Blender

I’m in hurry guys. so if you have question just ask on comment section below. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!.


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