[Blender 3D] Star Add-on and Magic Wand.

To create a star magic wand we can use a bezier curve like what we learn before. But, did you know that Blender 3d itself have a hidden add-on that actually can create a star automatically. To active the add-on, go to File —> User Preferences, click add-on tab, and on left sidebar active Add Mesh. Don’t forget to click Save User Settings button.

Now you can add a star by press Shift + A choose Mesh —> Extras¬†—> Simple Star. Before it’s gone, set the parameter like mine below:

But, we don’t want a thick star this time. So change the Height to 0.01. Next, go to edit mode and move both of the middle vertex align to Z axis.

Magic Wand with Simple Deform Modifier:

For the magic wand we only use a basic cylinder object and then add another segment with Loop Cut & Slide (Ctrl + R) feature.

Move those segment to different direction, so it will look like a stick.

To make one of the end of this wand sharp, we can use Simple Deform modifier with Taper option and Factor value 1.2.

Attach the wand to star object.

The last step is to make star and wand connected. So when you move the wand, the star is move as well.¬†In simple word, we will group them. But, as I told you on this article, the grouping object in blender is quiet confusing. Blender called it Set Parent. First select the star and then select the wand. Next, press Ctrl + P (Parent) —> Object.

If you try to move the star, the wand will stay at its place. But, if you move the wand, the star will also move. Go head, try it.

Give this wizard kit a basic material and render it.

Star Magic Wand

It’s not as fancy as Harry Potter wand, but I hope you still enjoy this simple and easy star magic wand blender 3d tutorial.

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