Create A Train Toy Using Blender 3D Basic Objects.

Hello guys, we meet again!. I’m so exciting right now because this article will give you a real project tutorial!. Well, not actually a real, real project, but I want to show you how to build thing only using blender 3d basic objects. In this case a train toy for kids.

But, I will not go to give you instruction step by step, because that’s gonna make this post a very long post, and you probably get bored or your eyes starting to ache because staring in the computer too long. Beside, I will provide you a video tutorial in the end of this post. Below is the image reference that I use for this tutorial.

Now, let’s get started:

Add a cube object by press Shift + A —> Mesh —> Cube. Set the size until it look like this:

edit cube for train toy

You can approach it by changing the dimension value on properties panel ( N ) or enter Edit mode ( Ctrl + Tab ), and select vertex/face/edge and drag them to the dimension you desire.

Create another cube for the wheel base, adjust its dimension, duplicate ( Shift + D ), move the copy object to the other side like the picture shown below:

wheel base for train toy

For the wheel, we will create a a cylinder. When you add a new cylinder object, it will be a big one. Scale it, adjust the dimension, duplicate it to 3 other cylinder objects, place them on each side of wheel base. Like what you see below:

4 wheel train toy

Now, you will add another cube object and make some part of it hole using circle as knife project. Once you already edit your cube object, create a circle, select first circle object then cube object, enter edit mode. On tool shelf panel tool —> knife project, don’t forget to check the cut through box.

make hole in mesh blender

Don’t forget to add another cube as its roof.

Create a torus, change the dimension and its radius, duplicate it to 4 object, and place them in the middle of the first cube we created.

add torus in blender

The final work is to add 2 cylinder and try to edit them and make it look like funnel, so the final project will look like this picture below:

Create A Train Toy Using Blender 3D Basic Objects

I haven’t apply any material yet. I will show how to dd basic material in blender on my next tutorial. So make sure to subscribe on this blog and my youtube channel. Thank you for reading, I hope you find it useful. Cheers!.


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