Transparent Material Alpha Channel in Blender 3D.

Here we are, at the last part of this organic tutorial series. After going through the mango modeling, paint the skin, make the stalk, now the final article is about making its leaves with transparent alpha channel method.

I don’t want to waste your precious time, so let’s get to work, shall we?.

Open your previous file or a new blender file is okay too. And then create a Mesh —> Plane object with dimension 4 x 2.

Transparent Alpha Channel

To make our texture bitmap display on viewport, choose texture on viewport shading, and on parameter panel active Shading: GLSL.

Next step is to create a new material. To make it transparent, check transparency box and set the alpha value to 0.

Note: You must have a leaves transparent background prepare. You can search them on google.

Next create a new texture by choosing Type: Image or Movie and choose your leaves alpha channel reference image. Set the Mapping and Influence parameter like mine below:

How to Bend a Leaves in Blender 3D:

The method we’ll use to bend the leaves is the same with the stalk. Enter to edit mode and cut the leave to several segment use loop cut and slide tool or simply press Ctrl + R.

Rotate the leave on X Axis (90d) and create Empty —> Plain Axes. Next apply Simple Deform modifier with parameter like below:

Now, all you have to do is doing some transformation to place the leaves on the stalk. Some of the command you might need are: rotate, scale, grab, and duplicate (D).

Hopefully this transparent alpha channel blender 3d tutorial is helpful for beginner user. Thank you for reading and see you on next series!.

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