How to Make Wicker Basket in Blender 3D.

Still using Screw Modifier, after we make some vase and ceramic, now we will try to create a wicker basket on this new blender tutorial. Like always move to new layer so we can more focus. Set the viewport to Front Ortho ( numpad 1 and numpad 5 ).

Just like the previous tutorial, you have to create a 2d curve with bezier and always check that Align to View box. Now enter Edit Mode and draw a curve like this:

When you want to close the curve, press Alt + C or click Toggle Cyclic button.

Back to Object Mode and create Empty —> Cube object, place it on the right side of the curve. Next apply Screw Modifier, with Axis: Z ; AxisOb: Empty ; and Angle: 360d. Press Z to display it on wireframe mode.

To make it look like more wicker basket, we need to make the wire complex and tide. We can change the Angle: 900, Steps: 21, and Iteration: 2. And then press Z to make it Solid again.

Because we will add another modifier, we need to remove all the change we make to this object. Press Alt + C and choose Mesh From Curve Meta/Surf Text. Add Wireframe Modiffier with setting like below:

And after rendering process, here’s the result. It’s pretty cool, huh?.

Wicker Basket

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