Apply Wood and Fabrics Material on Chair in Blender.

I’m backkkk!. It’s quiet fast, huh?. That’s because this new blender 3d tutorial is short lol. Okay guys, this post is kinda a continuity from my previous post that show you how to make a simple dining chair. This time we’re gonna add wood and fabrics material on that chair. It’s quiet easy actually. Also if you haven’t read my basic material apply article, here’s the link.

Apply Wood and Fabrics Material on Chair in Blender

1. First we will apply wood material on chair. Select the chair object, go to properties panel and choose material slot, click New button. We will add texture later, but you have to remember to always create material first then texture later. Choose diffuse color to light brown or looks familiar with wood color. Set intensity to 0.5

wood and fabric material on chair 2

2. Go to texture slot, click New button. Choose Type: Image or movie, click Both on preview. On Image option click Open folder and look for your wood material on your library. On mapping select this setting Coordinated: Generated and Projection: Cube.

wood and fabric material on chair 3

Now, what about the fabric material for the chair seat and back support?. Are the same method apply?. The answer is: YES!. Just repeat number 1 & 2 instruction, just this time you pick a fabric material on your library.

Tips on Lighting:

Don’t forget to add lamp on your scene. I always use Hemi. You can play with the color option and energy value if you like. If you want the render result look more real, go to World slot, change your horizon color and click on Ambient Occlusion box.

Also sometimes when you render, you will see the image a little bit rough and noise. If you want a smooth and clean image, increase the samples value on Gather option. Higher than default 5. This changes will make your render time longer than usual.

I hope this short tutorial is helpful, if it’s still hard to follow, just watch the video version below. Thank you so much for visiting. And see you next time!.


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