Hello guys, it’s nice that I finally have a time to post another blender 3d modeling tutorial for beginner. All the master probably want to skip this article :p. Anyway like I said it’s for beginner, so we will create a very simple chair object where you will learn to transform a cube using extrude, scale, grab, etc. I found this minimalist design from keribrownhomes.

Modeling Wooden Dining Chair with Fabric Seat in Blender

By the way, I won’t write the instruction step by step because it will become a very long tutorial, and I think you’ll get bored to read it.

Okay, let’s get started!.

How to Create A Simple Chair in Blender:

1. Create a cube and change the dimension on object properties (N) to x=40cm; y=5cm; z=50cm.

How to Create A Simple Chair in Blender 1

2. Enter to edit mode and create loop element by press Ctrl+R. Scroll your middle mouse to make 7 new loop that will show in pink color. After that select mesh to face and choose two face that in the outside bottom, extrude them ( E ) and move to create the chair feet.

How to Create A Simple Chair in Blender 2

3. On two chair feet, make another loop and scale them one by one until until the end of the feet is taper. Make a horizontal loop on the back of the chair, pick the bottom face, extrude them to y axis to create the chair seat.

How to Create A Simple Chair in Blender 3

4. Now on its seat, make a horizontal loop and choose two faces to create another feet. Transform them to look like the back feet.

How to Create A Simple Chair in Blender 4

5. Edit the back of the chair to look like a little bit of curve. You can approach this by choosing vertex mode and move them.

6. Now create a fabric seat and back rest. You can choose from existing faces, extrude, and separate them by press P and choose selection. After you finish make the fabric object smooth. You can find the option on tool shelf ( T ).

How to Create A Simple Chair in Blender 5

Watch the video version below so it will be easier for you to follow step by step. Next tutorial will guide you how to apply wood and fabrics material on this chair. Thank you for reading, guys!.


Written by svnserendipity (admin)