Download Youtube Video Without A Software.

Video streaming is one of the internet feature that can make user spend a lot of hours in front of their computer or laptop just to watch Youtube. In this digital era, people want to know how to download youtube video without software like IDM. Now, it’s become difficult because there a lot of copyright video that you can’t download without owner permission.

In the beginning of 2014, we see there’s more protection or copyright video that official uploaded by band or musician. That’s why if you want to download them, you go to the safe route.

One of that safe route is firefox addons called Video Downloadhelper. This addons is practical and easy to install. It has resolution option. Just follow the instruction below:

Install Video Downloadhelper on Firefox:

1. Go visit addon page: Video Download Helper.

2. Click on Add to Firefox button.

3. If you click on the button, firefox will ask you to confirm. Click allow button. Software installation box will appear, click install now.

4. Once the installation progress finish, firefox will ask you to restart the browser. Later, you will see an icon that show 3 attach ball on address bar. This icon will active when multimedia component like video, music, or image playing.

Download Youtube Video with Video Download Helper:

Now you already have the addon installed, let’s try to download a video.

1. When you open a media page, you will see the download helper icon become more colorful and moving in circle. Click the small arrow button and choose the video resolution you want to download.

2. The dialog box will open. Save as and change the file name if you want. The file will usually save on DwHelper folder. Change the directory folder if you like, so it’ll easy to find. Don’t forget to click Save.

If the video is not successful to download, it’s because the clip have copyright. My suggestion is use the filter option and look for a recent uploaded video.

Okay that’s it. I hope it’s useful for you.

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