Trick to Post Instagram Photo From Computer Using Chrome.

Hello social media people, how are you?. How’s your weekend?. Did you take a lot of pictures?. I’m sure you instantly upload them to instagram, right?. A few days ago I found a trick how to post instagram photo from chrome browser. I think graphic designer, photographer, artist, and social media worker who work from their desktop computer a lot will find this article useful. Before I found this trick I always use file sharing app like dropbox, but now it’s save my time a lot.

Okay, let’s begin…

1. Sign in on your instagram account with chrome browser.

2. Once you sign in, click customize and control chrome button. It’s usually on right top of the window. Go to More Tools —> Developer Tools.

3. Now your instagram tab is the only tab that have developer tool window. Next press Ctrl + Shift + M or just click mobile icon on DevTool bar. You can choose what kind of smartphone look from left top on layout window. From picture below you can see I choose iPhone 6 Plus.

Now, to upload a photo from your computer click on Home icon, just like when you access from your phone. Just see this picture for more details.

Instagram Photo Chrome

4. Next step is just like when you upload photo from phone. Choose a jpg file, add caption and tags, and you done.

Note: You can’t upload video file, use filter and social media sharing using this method. Also if you don’t see your photo upload, try again. Sometimes it took second attempt for me until the picture uploaded properly.

That’s it. You’re done. Now you can post picture as many as you want from your computer.

If you think this article is helpful for you, please share it online so others can use this trick too. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!.

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