Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Fix Twitter “The media could not be played” on Vivaldi Browser.

The plan is to continue my AutoCAD for Mac serie but I can’t. Why?. Because my Macbook Air is broken and it’s frustrating. If you’re one of my youtube subscriber, you won’t get new video anyime soon. So, here I am back to my Ubuntu laptop and decided to write an article about what I just experienced while I’m surfing the Internet.

I uninstalled firefox from my ubuntu laptop because the latest version is slower and sometimes its freeze that I need to reboot my. From what I read on Ubuntu software center, I’m not the only one. So, I found this new browser, Vivaldi, a few months back. The browser have some cool features (we will talk about it another time) but when I open twitter it show a message “the media could no be played” when someone post a video.

If it’s happen to you as well, don’t worry, there is a fix. That’s because Twitter video are HTML5 MP4 (H264/AAC) and according to this article if you’re on linux machine, you need third-party support to play these file on vivaldi browser. Visit this page for the video test. If you can play the first video (H.264/MP4) then you’re good. But, if you can’t, you need to install the codec.

Open your terminal and type vivaldi. It will warn you that the ffmpeg codec is missing. Still on the same line, it will provide you with a download link from launchpad I believe (.deb file), click on it, and install using Ubuntu Software Center. If you still can’t play video file on twittter, on address bar type vivaldi://flags and search for h.264. Change it to Enable.

You should be able to play video file on twitter now. I hope this article is useful as well for chrome user. Thank you for reading and I see you next time.

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