[Ubuntu 16.04] Extract Video Multiple Still Images/Frames with Ffmpeg.

In this software era, video player often comes with a feature that can screenshot video scene in still image format while playing. Some of the software that provide this feature are VLC and Video. If I’m on Windows OS, my choice player is probably SMPlayer. SMPlayer can extract multiple frames in one click, VLC and Video can’t. I have the program on my Ubuntu but I don’t know why the screenshot feature is not available. If you have the same problem as mine, there is another method.

We still can extract video still images/frames with ffmpeg via terminal. But first make sure your video file in home directory and rename it simple just to make it easier when you type the command. Now, type the command like below on your terminal. It won’t ask you password like usual.

$ ffmpeg -i outlanders01e01.mp4 -r 1 -ss 00:00:56 -t 00:01:56 outlander-%02d.png

Extract Video Multiple Still Images/Frames with Ffmpeg


  • -i outlanders01e01.mp4: video file name.
  • -r 1: frame rate per second.
  • -ss 00:00:56: the beginning of the screenshot.
  • -t 00:01:56: the end of screen shot.
  • outlander-%02d.png: output file name. It will name outlander-01, outlander-02, etc. If you change it to %03d it will become outlander-001, outlander-002, etc.

The output file will be place at the same folder as video file. You can watch it live in folder. If you want to stop it before its end time just press q on keyboard.

People usually create a gif with these multiple still images/frames. Stay tune to this blog because my next article will be how to create a gif with gimp image editor. See ya…

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