[Ubuntu 16.04 LTS] How to Change Terminal Theme Font & Color.

For Linux user, when you open your terminal you will greet with the default theme. A white font color on dark/black background. But, did you know you actually can change theme color and font as you like, just in case if you get bored :). Here’s how to do it on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

Terminal Theme Font:

Open your terminal and right click choose Profiles —> Profile Preferences. On general tab you can rename the profile first. You also can change the shape of the cursor and text appearance. Check the custom font box if you want to make a change for font style. As you can see I have Tlwg Mono Bold with size 12.

Terminal Theme Color:

Click Colors tab and if you still using default theme, the “use colors from system theme” box should be checked. But, since there is The Matrix reboot confirmed, I want to change it to green on black :). Luckily for us, there is already a built-in-schemes for that. So choose Green on black from the list or you can customize your choice color. I also check “use transparency from system theme” box.

How to Change Terminal Theme Font & Color

If you happy with the setting click Close button.

That’s it. As short as this new post, I hope you still find it informative. See you next time…

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