List of Open Source Apps to Install (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).

List Open Source Software Ubuntu

Hello guys, it’s been a while since I update this blog with new article. If you haven’t read it, my last article is an Inkscape Tutorial: How to Create a Pattern. By the way, I probably will take a break of posting CGI tutorial for a while. Although my upcoming post are still digital creative related, it’ll be a little bit random. Well, we’ll see :).

As a digital worker and enthusiast, I like using open source software when I’m working. I own 2 laptops. One a Macbook Air that I use if I’m doing a heavy work and a Acer laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on it. Now I’m not a tech savvy about Linux, I know nothing about the OS. I use it because it’s easy, though at first I need some time to get used to it, and I don’t like windows hehe.

So, here’s the list of my favorite Open Source software that I would like to recommend for you:


Chrome & Firefox.
Mostly browser are free, I know. I have installed Chrome & Firefox to both of my laptops. So, if one browser acting weird, I can switch to the other. But, if you ask me i probably will choose Firefox. I just admire its community that genuinely teach people about the web and computer science. One of their newest feature is you can screenshots directly from the browser.


WPS Writer.
WPS Writer is the only writing software on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS machine. From the UI and tools aspect, I think WPS Writer have similarity with Windows Word. You can add watermark on your document and export them as a pdf file.

Computer Graphic:

Gimp is a free photo editing software, an alternative to Photoshop. With gimp, you can crop and image, adjusting color, add some filter, painting with it brush tool, and making a simple gif or animation. I use gimp the most if I want to make a watercolor effect on an image and to create a gif. If I write a blog post about it, it’s gonna be a long article 🙂

I like vector graphic, so I use Inkscape quite often. If you looking for Adobe Illustration alternative, Inkscape is the right choice. You can check some of my vector graphic or illustration from this Inkscape tag.

Blender 3D.
As you can see from the majority post on this blog and my youtube channel, I am a proud Blender 3D user. Most of the 3d software out there are paid. Even a free Sketchup edition is in limited use. For beginner user, the UI of Blender 3D can be confusing. The first step is to getting familiar with its layout and master the shortcut. You can check my Blender3d tag if you curious.

Screen Capture:

Kazam – With Kazam you can screenshot your computer screen and also screencast/recording.

Screenshot – Only for screenshot use.

Media Player and Editor:

Beside default media apps like VLC and Video that installed at the same time you installed your linux distro, you also can find more option (not only media apps) on its Software Center. But, here’s what I have on my laptop:

A music player that not only you play from your own library but also from radio/streaming. Kinda like Winamp with clean interface.

OpenShot Video Editor
If Mac have iMovie, then Linux have OpenShot Video Editor. The layout of OVE is similar with iMovie. But, don’t expect to find advanced features/tool as iMovie. Its feature is limited, I only use it for less complicated video editing process, maybe a 6 – 10 secs gif/animation.

A free and cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

A video player that allow you to start/stop taking screenshots.

So that was it. Phew, that was long :). The list above is honestly my chosen software when I want to work something on my laptop. Hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day…

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