How to Verify Website Webmaster Ownership.

When we create a new blog/website (business or personal), we want to get a good SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) index. One way to achieve that is our web must have a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. The first step you have to do is to verify website webmaster ownership with google search console.

If you use blogspot which actually owns by Google, then your blog will automatically be verified with Google Search Console. All you need to do is add your website as a new “property”. But, how about a self-hosted wordpress blog?. You must install the verification code provided by Google Search to your webpage.

There are 2 ways to do that.

1. Install Google Ownership Verification Code via cPanel.

Make sure you are log in to your google search console and cPanel. After you finish adding your web as a new property, on the google search console page, select settings. On property setting go to ownership verification, select verification method use: HTML file. You can choose other options if you want. Download the given html file.

Log in to your cPanel and go to File Manager. On the left, click on the public_html folder then upload the html file.

2. Install Google Ownership Verification Code Via WordPress Dashboard.

Log in to your wordpress dashboard then install the WP File Manager plugin. Just like the method above, upload the html file that you downloaded to the public_html folder.

After you’ve finished doing one of the methods above, go back to the google search console and click verify. Later on Ownership Verification section, you will get a green check like the image above.

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