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[Gimp] How to Create a Gif & Watermark Text.

When you surf the net specially social media web, I’m sure you will see lot of gif and meme on your feed. Create a meme is easier than create a gif. Gif is a sequences of still images that play in loop. You can use SMPlayer to have a collection of still images/frames of your video file. But, if you on Ubuntu, you can extract them using Ffmpeg. Continue reading [Gimp] How to Create a Gif & Watermark Text.

[Gimp] Create Photo Frame Effect with Quick Mask.

So, this is the second masking trick I want to show you guys. Compare to masking with paintbrush technique, quick mask is more easier. However I only use quick mask if my selection area is geometry and static. If I want to display more dynamic or artsy area I usually use paintbrush. A good example is to create photo frame effect with quick mask on gimp.

Open a new image file, again I have my nephew here :). First create a selection area you want to show. You can use any type of selection tool you want. This time I choose rectangle selection.

Continue reading [Gimp] Create Photo Frame Effect with Quick Mask.

[Gimp] Toolbox: Color Picker, Measure, and Moving.

Beside selections tool, gimp toolbox section have feature that very useful for user. In this post, we will talk about color picker, measure, and moving. Before we get into the topic, please check out this 2 article about selection in gimp that I published before:

1. Rectangle, ellipse, free, and fuzzy selection.
2. Color, scissor, foreground, and path selection.

Gimp is a image editor. It will be easier for you to work if you can expert the selection tool. My advise is practice, practice, and practice.

Color Picker

Color Picker is honestly one of my favorite tool. I don’t like to use a lot of color in one project design, so color picker is quiet helpful. Continue reading [Gimp] Toolbox: Color Picker, Measure, and Moving.