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[Inkscape] How to create a Pattern

Hi my lovely readers, I hope you enjoy my content and keep coming back :). My first plan is to publish a children portrait, but in that illustration the children clothe has some sort of pattern motif. So, I decide to write how to create a pattern in Inkscape tutorial instead. The work flow is easy, you will find out soon.

Open and create a new document, you also can add a background if you want. Now, draw 3 basic object, you can modify its shape if you want, and group them for pattern. Go to Object —> Pattern —> Objects to pattern. You have a pattern object now. Continue reading [Inkscape] How to create a Pattern

[Inkscape] Simple Animation Using Pattern Along Path Extension

How’s everyone doing in this love’s month?. I know it’s way too late, but I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day last week?. Or is it two weeks ago?. Hahahaha. Anyway, if you subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on instagram, you will see I have posted a simple animation for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a set of balloons with different colors that fly around the purple canvas. In this post I will show you how I created it on Inkscape, using an extension named Pattern Along Path. Continue reading [Inkscape] Simple Animation Using Pattern Along Path Extension

[Inkscape] Star Wars: Rey Jedi Training Kokeshi Doll Illustration.

Happy new year, you all. I wish you a happy and healthy life in 2018. Still in euphoria of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I decide to create a cute kokeshi doll illustration in inkscape of our beloved Rey in her Jedi training wardrobe. The workflow is quiet easy to follow for beginner as they will learn some new trick.

So, let’s get started?.

Open inkscape and make new file. Create a rectangle background that have a same dimension with your document, and place it on the center of the page. For now we give it a light blue color. Continue reading [Inkscape] Star Wars: Rey Jedi Training Kokeshi Doll Illustration.

[Inkscape] Hatch & Sketch Effect on Christmas Card Illustration

Hi all, how’s your day?. It’s a few days before Christmas and I hope you enjoying your time with family and friends. In this last minute, I tried to make a Christmas card, not too fancy, it’s just a simple letter say “Xmas” that have a hatch and sketch effect on it. Basically, it’s a vector illustration that I create using Inkscape and later add some element to convert it to a simple animation.

But, in this post I only want to show you how to add hatch & sketch effect on path, alright?. So, let’s get started, shall we?. Continue reading [Inkscape] Hatch & Sketch Effect on Christmas Card Illustration