Msgif: Convert Message to Gif.

Beside emojis and memes, Graphics Interchange Format or better known as GIF is often used by social media user as a way of communicating. Most of the gifs are taken from tv shows, sports, or movies. For those of you who want to make gifs for more personal reason in the form of text or messages, the choice is to make your own gif using a photo editor like Gimp.

But, if you don’t want to be bothered because you have to learn to make gifs in Gimp, you can use Msgif. A web app that can convert messages into gifs.

The first step, you are given the option to choose a screen size and design style. The second step is where you write your message in the text area, but first you have to press the Record button. When finished, press the Create Gif button.

After the process of converting text to gif is complete, click download button. This Msgif web app can be used as an alternative e-card for your family or loved ones. For example, look at the third slide on my IG post below. I created it for my nephew birthday.


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