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[Blender 3D] How to Fix UV Map Size and Orientation.

When we’re working on UV Map mode, sometimes we face a problem where the image map is in wrong size and direction. And many beginner user don’t know that we actually can use transformation command when working on UV Image Editor. I don’t want to waste your time anymore, so let’s get started. Continue reading [Blender 3D] How to Fix UV Map Size and Orientation.

[Blender 3D] Checker Board Texture

After I’m taking a break from Blender 3d tutorial for beginner, now I’m back with a simple tutorial article about how to create a checker board texture in blender3d. Because we only want to learn adding checker texture, you can download its 3d model free from free3d. You don’t have to join the site, just search the site and look specifically for blend file.

Now, open the blend file and if your model already have material, remove them one by one if it’s necessary. Also, make sure you’re in Cycles Render. Next, select the main board and create new material. Choose Diffuse BSDF on Surface and Checker Texture on Color. Most important thing is the scale value. It depends on the size of your knight, pawn, etc. I set my scale to 8. See picture below for more details:

Continue reading [Blender 3D] Checker Board Texture