Always BackUp Your Template and Content.

Before you got hit with google penalty, gadget is not working properly, or worst case scenario your blog suddenly disappear without notification, maybe it’s time for you to take “just in case” action right now. Blogspot blogging platform allow its user to save/backup/download their template and content, and this is how you do it.

Download Blogspot Template.

Everytime I want to edit something on my html, I always download/backup my current template. Just go to template section and click the backup/restore button. Click on download full template button and wait until your browser download it.

Download Your Blogspot Content.

I always make sure I download my content once a week. Blogspot is free blogging platform, so you hosted your article, file, image on their free hosting. Like i mentioned above, if something goes wrong and one day your blog disappear or you can’t access your account, then all hard work you put for months also gone without a track.
Luckily, blogger gives us a feature where you can download your blog content, including images, as long as you don’t remove them from your Picasa/google+ album.
Go to Setting —-> Other —-> Blog Tools —-> Export Blog.
download blogspot content
There’s a confirmation window pop-up. Click on download blog button and wait until browser download it. So, what you’re waiting for?. Go backup your template & content before it’s too late.

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