4 Best Free Blogging Platform to Join.


On my previous post, I gave you 5 points based on my experience why people should start blogging. If you missed it, you probably want to check it out. Hopefully, one of the reasons I mentioned can open your mind and get you thinking to blogging. If you do, then it must be confuse for beginner to start. Questions like ” what website to use to create a blog? “ or ” are they free or paid? “.

Well, to answer your question I write this blogging article to help you to decide what is the right blogging platform for you to use. By far, in blogging world these are the best blogging platform to join.

1. Blogger/Blogspot.
This is by far is my favorite. Blogger/Blogspot is a free blogging platform owned by Google and it’s easy to use. At first, just like me, you will find it difficult. Reading and edit HTML can be pain in the a**, but just don’t give up easily. You will get used to it. We can learn together.

Most people use blogspot for their personal blog, where they telling their life experience, thought on certain topic, or as a work in progress post for their artwork. But, now you can find a decent template with professional look.

What I like about blogger/blogspot is you can access all google product for webmaster/blogging in one account, free domain name, free storage for your image file, a simple dashboard, edit HTML easily, and probably not as powerful as WordPress on SEO, but it still has a better SEO practice.

2. WordPress.
WordPress probably blogger most favorite platform for personal blog, professional, or business. When you visited the site, you will see there’s 2 type of WordPress there. WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Let me give you a short brief of the different between those two.

Wordpress.com is a provider for free blogging using WordPress engine. You can create a blog without pay for domain blog or hosting. All you need is is sign up, title your blog, get subdomain name, and start blogging. But, if I’m not wrong, because it’s free wordpress hosting, they do limited the hosting storage, so if you reach it you have to upgrade using they package. There are also a limited feature.

Still from the same company, but it’s a software that you need to install. You can download it free and use it as a software for blogging with your own domain and hosting. It’s for individual use. When you buy hosting, ex. from Go Daddy, they will ask you what platform to use then you install the WordPress software. So, you don’t have to deal with coding stuff and use unlimited feature. This also known as WordPress self hosting.

3. Tumblr.
For more serious or professional blogger, they won’t choose tumblr as #1 blogging platform. I have to agree though. Tumblr is not SEO friendly and has limited feature. But, what I think makes it different and special is they have a strong community. This is where all the creator, cool kids, or fandom meet and share the same interest. If you’re an artist, designer, or photographer tumblr is the right place. It’s a great place to display your artwork and build networking.

4. Livejournal.
From the name of it, this blog engine is for people who likes to write in journal or diary, or just a place/forum for fandom to meet and discuss. I also know some of the livejournal entertainment blog that successful with their readership.  The advantages of livejournal:

1. Free.
2. Friend list feature.
3. A dynamic permanent link. You can choose it as you like.
4. Comment/reply comment feature provide for every post.
5. You can connect or log in using your social networking account like twitter or Facebook.

I hope I didn’t missed something and hopefully this article help you decide. Comment below peeps!.

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