Automatically Add NoFollow Tag To All Your External Links.

Hello guys, I’m back to give you another insight about NoFollow tag. After I show you how to use it for label widget and comment box, this time we will learn how we can automatically make all our external links as NoFollow. The reason why you should add rel=’nofollow’ is to prevent search engine like google, yahoo,┬ábing, etc to not index or follow all external link you have on your blog post.

When you write an article, sometimes you need to add text link to other website as a source of your content. One of the indicate that a blog have a good Onpage SEO is when you have a balance of external links and backlinks to your blog. If you have more external links than links in, then this is the right time to add rel=’nofollow’ tag.

One thing to remember though, sometimes we add our own link on a post that maybe related to another article. If you want to add NoFollow tag manually so you still have control. However, if you don’t wanna be bother to check them one by one, you can just automatically add the tag. Just follow the instruction below:

1. On your blog dashboard, click Template section, and click Edit HTML button.

2. Copy – paste code below above/before </head> tag.

<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>
<script type=’text/javascript’>
jQuery(‘a’).each(function(){var a=jQuery(this).attr(‘href’);if(typeof a!=’undefined’&&a!=””&&(a.indexOf(‘http://’)!=-1||a.indexOf(‘https://’)!=-1)&&a.indexOf(window.location.hostname)==-1){jQuery(this).attr(“rel”,”nofollow”)}});

3. Save your template.

Comment below if you have question.

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