Change Your Image to Clean & Bright Quality.

So, I’ve been having this problem quiet sometime, but never willing to fix it. If you following me from the beginning you will notice all my images are look like have shadow, even though it’s clean & bright image.

Please note, all images you upload on your article will automatically added or create an album on your Google+ account. So, the problem is in Google+ album setting. If you having this issue, there’s the place you should fix it.
Follow this simple instruction how to change image quality on blogger.
1. First, go to your Google+ account. Click on your Google+ home button on left sidebar until the drop menu appear.
2. Scroll down and look for Auto Enhance. If it’s in normal change to Off.

3. Done. Google will save your changes automatically. No need to click save button.
Hopefully this short blogspot tutorial for beginner is useful. Don’t forget to comment below!.

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