DoFollow or NoFollow. Which One You’ll Choose?.

DoFollow and NoFollow are two attribute that is a common use among bloggers. But, for most beginner bloggers, you probably have no idea what it’s mean and its use. So, in this article I’m gonna try to give you a short and simple to understand explanation about DoFollow and NoFollow blog.

DoFollow is attribute link that give google bot or other search engine bot permission to crawl a link. This mean if a webmaster choose to apply DoFollow attribute, she/he appreciate visitor by give them a backlinks from their blog or site. People can comment on a DoFollow blog and add their keywords to anchor text. But, a this permession will attract a lot of spam comments who wants a free backlinks from a quality site.
If you apply DoFollow blog, then you need to find a lot of backlinks from other quality site too. If you don’t have enough backlinks to your site, it’s bad for your blog SEO, because your outbound links and inbound links is not balance.

NoFollow is vice verse. It’s a html attribute that tell search engine bot to not crawl, follow, or track a hyperlink text so the link won’t get indexed and effect the link target on search engine, but the post still will get index. NoFollow is apply to prevent a spam activity on search engine that effect the quality of Search Engine Result Pagination (SERP). Webmaster usually use this SEO trick to stop spam comments. You can use this meta below:

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />

or when you add link on a text, you can check the box add ‘rel=noffolow’ attribute, like the picture below:
Now, what kind of blog or website that is have to apply NoFollow link?. I would say a affiliate blog. Example, if you have 1 blog that’s only created for your amazon affiliate, google will crawl it as a spam site, so you need to NoFollow all hypertext link.
I hope this simple explanation will help you decide which method you choose. Think wisely, bloggers!. 😀

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