Remove Blank Space Below Post.

I’m not quiet sure how often you will face this problem, but it did happened to me, and i need several days to solve it. It’s frustrated to me, because the problem right into the post body. And that’s not what you want your readers see. I’m using 3rd party template, so if you do the same, it’s common if there’s little part you don’t like on the template design, and try to fix it.

blank post under/after post blogger
Well, for this blog template case, there is a blank space below my post. After some research, i finally success to remove it. If you have the same problem, just follow the instruction below:
1. Go to your template section on dashboard and search forĀ .post-footer line. It’s probably different for each template, but the important thing is you search for all value on post section. If the blank space below/under/after your content/post, then it’s in footer line.
2. Once you find the line, you will see all its value. Pay attention to margin and padding value. The designer probably add value for one of these line. If it’s not margin then it’s probably padding. If you see your margin has value 10px 0 0; change it to 0 0 0. If it’s not working, try change your padding whatever value to 0. Don’t forget to save your template and change your post for every changes you make.

margin and padding value 0
That’s it. If you have this problem, i hope you can fix it now.

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